One thought on “Leary, John Patrick. “Detroitism”

  1. Arch!tect Post author

    Toby Barlow’s comment is very interesting!
    Since the Metonym of Detroit has already been formed and those opportunities in Detroit are mostly idealistic. Why don’t we respect the history of Detroit and take advantage of the this ruin porn situation. Can’t we regard the ruins of Detroit as a resource? If people develop the touristic business of Detroit then they just need very little cost on changing the city. No buildings need to be burnt down they just stay the way they are(and maybe refurbish the interior of some of the buildings for the tourism industry). Finally Detroit’s new life will come under the cover of its ruin porn image. Utilizing the touristic resource, rather than rising out of the ash, Detroit can rise using its ashes. Therefore, isn’t tourism a good strategy?

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